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TM-7755 2VA 2CI





























  • One of the fastest receiver ever
  • 280mm x 55mm x 235mm
  • Blind Search
  • 2 Embedded Viaccess + 2 CI (Common Interface) Slots
  • Less than 1 Second channel change
  • Up to 70 Satellites and 5,000 channels
  • 65mb sd ram total memory
  • Fully DVB compliant
  • DiSEqC Indicator
  • Multi-Event Timer
  • Full navigation auto finding and auto tuning
  • Super Sensitive tuner for very weak signals
  • On Screen diseqc and usals positioner display- moves dish incase of rain and bad wheather
  • Auto satellite finder- just turn usals ON and select, for example, HotBird and it will find it instantly
  • High quality video and sound by MPEG-2 standard
  • Easy-to-use menu system with comments for guide
  • Channel deleting, moving and sorting functions
  • Automatic digital Satellite signal detecting Function
  • Separate automatic search for newly added transponders and channels
  • Multiple switch types, LNB types and NTSC/PAL Monitor types
  • Manual editing function of Transponder Information
  • Support PAL/NTSC system
  • Parent control function
  • Last channel auto-saving and recall function
  • Satellite name-change function
  • Hi-speed software upgrade through RS-232(NULL Modem)
  • Receiver-to-receiver data transfer via RS232
  • PLL type RF-Modulator (Ch. 21- 69) and UHF tuning function
  • Favourite Channel function
  • Antenna-positioning-help function
  • Timer Function
  • Teletext Function
  • Automatic FEC and PID detection and manual entry of PID value
  • Pause function
  • Loop through tuner and satellite
  • Real Time Clock
  • Multi-Language OSD
  • Delete Function subtitle supported by osd & vbi
  • 8 Favourite Channel grouping and sorting function